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National Catholic Unit Excellence Award

New Catholic Unit Excellence Award to debut in 2017 
Similar to BSA Journey to Excellence 




Beginning in 2017 the National Catholic Unit Excellence Award will be the Quality Unit Award. The award will be more similar to the BSA Journey to Excellence Program in that there will a point system based on ten areas of performance valued by our chartering organizations. They are as follows: 

Religious Emblems 
Religious Activities 
Emblem Counselor 
Diocesan Participation 

There will be a bronze, silver, and gold level of achievement. For the bronze level, a unit must receive a score of 400 points in seven areas; for the silver level 700 points are required in eight areas; and for the gold level, 1,000 points will be needed in nine areas. Goto the Forms page to download application.


Unit must be chartered by a Catholic institution.  The award criteria is for one calendar year.


Completion of the Application

After completing the application, the Catholic Committee on Scouting - Indianapolis (CCSI) will review all the applications in their diocese to determine the if the unit meets the criteria for this award. The CCSI will complete the Patch Order Form and mail it along with the applicable fee to the NCCS indicating the number of patches, banners and certificates required. The applications do not need to be forwarded when ordering the patches, banners and certificates.

Twice a year the Diocesan Chairman will notify the Regional Chair the number of Pope Paul VI Catholic Quality awards presented in the preceding six month period. These reports should be sent by the end of February and the end of August each year.

Emmett J. Doerr Memorial Scout Scholarship

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting® has established the Emmett J. Doerr Memorial Distinguished Scout Scholarship to be awarded to five outstanding Catholic high school seniors who are Scouts in a BSA program and continuing their education in college. The requirements are listed in the Eligibility Requirements section on this page. Applications are due to the NCCS office by March 1 of each year.


Purpose of Scholarship:

To honor Mr. Emmett J. Doerr, who was a dedicated Catholic Scouter and a very active member of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting® (NCCS). He was the first recipient of the Brother Barnabas Founders Award. His other honors include the Silver Antelope, Silver Beaver and the St. George medals. The Doerr family and the NCCS are continuing his legacy by offering this scholarship in his name to five (5) distinguished Catholic Scouts.


Scholarship Awards:

  • Five separate awards of $2000 each.

  • Must be used for the year awarded unless approved by Scholarship Committee.

  • Disbursement from the scholarship fund will be made directly to an accredited institution of higher learning at the beginning of the enrollment period.

  • The scholarship will be used to defray necessary costs of the awardee's tuition, room or board.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a practicing Catholic.

  • Be a full time High-School Senior.

  • Be a registered young man or woman actively involved with a Scout Troop, Varsity Scout Team, Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship.

  • Held or is currently holding a leadership role in his or her unit.

  • Earned the Ad Altare Dei or Pope Pius XII Religious Award.

  • Earned the Eagle Scout, Silver Award or Quartermaster Award.

  • Provided service to his or her home parish (Altar Server, Lector, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, staffing youth retreats, etc.)

  • Held or is currently holding a leadership role in a school or community organization other than scouting.

  • Submit an application with four (4) letters of recommendations. One letter each must come from a religious institution, Scouting Unit, School, and Community.

  • Submit official high school transcript.

  • Submit an acceptance letter from an accredited institution of higher learning, if selected as a Scholarship recipient.

  • Provide a 3 X 5 picture with application.


Selection Process:

  • Submit application to:Boy Scouts of AmericaAttn: NCCS-Emmett J. Doerr Memorial Scout ScholarshipP.O. Box 152079Irving, TX 75015-2079

  • Only applications received by March 1st will be considered.

  • Applications are reviewed by the NCCS Scholarship Committee and the top 10 are forwarded to the Doerr family for the final selection.

  • The five (5) scholars will be selected no later than May 1st.

  • Scholarship recipients will be notified no later than May 15th. Note: Only the winners are notified.

  • A press release will be sent out on June 1st with the names of all the winners.

  • Scholarship recipients must provide a copy of the institution of higher learning's billing information, as soon as possible, so that the award amount can be remitted.

  • All information sent becomes the property of NCCS.

  • All decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final.

NOTE: Applications can be obtained from NCCS:

Download Microsoft Word format or PDF format


Calling Elizabeth V. Olivas at 972-580-2114.

Eagle Scouts and Gold Award Recipients

Certificate of Recognition

from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis


Earning the rank of Eagle Scout or Girl Scouting’s Gold Award is a monumental feat.  Those reaching that level deserve recognition from every organization that shares those values.


The Archdiocese of Indianapolis, along with the Catholic Committee on Scouting, would like to provide these young men and women with a Certificate of Recognition.  It only requires a parent, parish representative, or unit leader to make a written request via these two methods:




Office of the Archbishop

Archdiocese of Indianapolis

1400 N Meridian Street

Indianapolis, Indiana  46202



Or E-mail (simply click the email address below):

c/o Theresa Brydon

Executive Assiostant to the Archbishop


Be sure to include the Scout’s name as it is to appear on the certificate; full mailing address, including zip code, on your request.  Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing.  Requests must be in writing.  No phone calls, please.

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