What is CCSI?


Catholic Scout leaders for both boys and girls, devoted to Scouts embracing their faith.


Scouts of all ages, promise service and reverence to God in their promises.  These values strengthen youth character in their family, community, and parish.




We organize an annual Catholic Scout retreat and Catholic religious awards programs; make arrangements for priests to conduct mass during summer camp; support Scout Sunday efforts in parishes, Safe and Sacred training for adults, and religious emblems counselor training.


As an adult Scouter, you have the responsibility to ensure every Catholic Scout in your home unit is afforded the opportunity to grow in their faith through the participation in a religious awards program and Catholic Scout retreats. 


All Scout units should have at least one leader trained as a religious emblems counselor.

Catholic Committee on Scouting-Indianapolis

                        Diocesan Chaplain      Fr. Tom Schliessmann   tschliessmann@saintlawrence.net








                         Chairperson                  John Hibner                    hibnerjohn@yahoo.com





                         Vice-Chairperson                    Vacancy

                         Treasurer                                 Kim Wickizer

                         Secretary                                  Vacancy

                         Boy Awards Chairperson      Chris Johns                 CHRIS-JOHNS2006@comcast.net

                         Girl Awards Chairperson       Colleen Kenney          colleen.kenney@outlook.com

Who we serve



Boy Scouts of America                                                                                                                                                   

Crossroads of America Council       

                                 Scout Executive         Joe Wiltrout                   denmead@crossroadsbsa.org


                         Professional Advisor         Eddie Stahl                     Eddie.Stahl@scouting.org

Hoosier Trails Council

                                  Scout Executive    Glen Steenberger                          gsteenbe@bsamail.org


                          Professional Advisor

Lincoln Heritage Council

                                  Scout Executive    Jason Pierce                              Jason.Pierce@scouting.org


                          Professional Advisor   Brian Weigel                              Brian.Weigel@scouting.org

Buffalo Trace Council

                                  Scout Executive     John Harding   administration@buffalotracecouncil.org


                          Professional Advisor     Matt Stratman                               mastratm@bsamail.org


Girl Scouts of America


Central Indiana

         Professional Advisor                    Jaimie Hubbard            jhubbard@girlscoutsindiana.org


                                CEO                          Danielle Shockey          dshockey@girlscoutsindiana.org

Southwest Indiana       

        Professional Advisor                    Lucy Himstedt                     lhimstedt@girlscoutsgssi.org


                                 CEO                          Janice Davies                          jdavies@girlscouts-gssi.org

Western Ohio

                               Professional  Advisor                    

                                 CEO                         Roni Luckenbill


                                Professional Advisor     

                                 CEO                         Jackie Ford                                   jford@gskentuckiana.org

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